Book Formatting Prices



Starting: $20 USD

  • Basic Package Includes:

No special images

No special fonts

  • Advanced Package Includes:

Scene break Images 

Special fonts*

Chapter Heading Images**

* some ereaders do not support unusual fonts

** Chapter Headings can increase file sizes



Starting: $60 USD

  • Basic Package Includes:

Drop Caps

Formatted to Trade publishing standards (11pt. font, single space, .3 indents etc.) 

  • Advanced Package Includes: 

Basic Package Details 

Chapter heading images 

Non-standard fonts* (if Client would like)

* Fonts that require a license will be included in the final invoice



Starting: $70 USD 

  • Basic Bundle Includes:

Basic ebook Package

Basic paperback Package

  • Advanced Bundle Includes: 

Advanced ebook package

Advanced paperback package



Starting: $120 USD 

  • Need something other than a basic fiction or non-fiction book? Do you have a children’s book or an art book that needs formatting? Please contact us to get a quote!



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Writers and artists know that ethereal moment, when just one, fleeting something–a chill, an echo, the click of a lamp, a question—-ignites the flame of an entire work that blazes suddenly into consciousness. ~Nadine C. Keels






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Book Formatting Gallery 

Theresa Hissong’s Rise of the Pride, Noah.

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Miranda Lynn’s Black Mountain Pack, Rook.

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Miranda Lynn’s Destiny Trilogy paperback. 


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Wanna Be by Christa DeClue

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Miranda Lynn’s Stephen Paperback


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Olivia Wylie’s Smoke and Roses


Pick up the paperback today!

Olivia Wylie’s Roots


Pick up the paperback today! 


List of Clients not pictured: 

A.L. Kessler 

Aleera Anya Ceres

Christopher M. Salas 

Dana Morning Star

Ashley Koonce

Tana Smith Holmes